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How to draw up a works contract – for public works contracts (not only)

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AKADEMIE HAVEL & PARTNERS invited to the October ONLINE seminar on How to make a great contract for works – for public contracts (not only) for construction works (ONLINE)



Ráž, Holubkovič (HAVEL & PARTNERS)

A practical guide to drafting public works contracts, based on 15 years of experience of leading HAVEL & PARTNERS experts. Topics include tender documentation and step-by-step contract construction, including subsequent contract amendments (multiple works). We also address the consideration of the impact of COVID-19 and crisis measures on contractual relations, as well as addressing the acute growth of construction costs in the market. We will therefore address both the issues of what is and is not “force majeure” in practice and how to deal with the delays and multi-costs associated with “coronavirus”, as well as the various options available to contractually prepare for all of this.


  • the tender documentation, its binding nature and the construction of the entire public contract
  • the benefits of pre-market consultations
  • the basic building blocks of a works contract – definition of the work and its price, payment terms
  • the use of open-ended formulations anticipating the development of the contractual relationship
  • changes and extra works, so-called improvement proposals – their contracting and solution within the public contract
  • completion of the work, risk of damage, types of liability, withdrawal
  • loss of contractor’s competence and reservation of change of contractor
  • third-party interference: subcontractors, reinsurance, insurance
  • contractual standards, applicable law and dispute resolution
  • how to prepare contractually for possible delays and extra costs due to COVID 19 and crisis measures
  • what can be done about rising construction costs
  • Discussion

ONLINE form:

The event will be streamed live with maximum user-friendliness, you can watch it from any internet-enabled device – computer, tablet or mobile phone. No need to install anything, just any web browser. You can communicate with the speakers in real time via the chat tool. After the event you will be sent the presentations and a link to the video recording.

The event will be live streamed and all information about access and other technical guidelines will be sent to your email no later than 24 hours before the event.

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