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What makes a city green, smart, resilient and inclusive?

Get acquainted with the key strategies and rules of the EU and the Czech Republic, inspiring solutions, procurement and financing options for your city.

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In order for cities to prosper, to live well in them and to develop human potential in every way, they must be fundamentally changed. It needs to be more sustainable, resilient, interconnected and make better use of digital technologies. The concept of green, smart, resilient and inclusive cities offers best practices and solutions that will ensure a better life not only for future but also for present generations.

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Comprehensive approach to urban development

The concept of Green, Smart, Resilient and Inclusive Cities has one common goal: to improve urban life in all aspects – environmental, social and economic – to increase the sustainability and resilience of cities, all in a cost-effective and long-term financially sustainable way using smart and digital solution

It is a comprehensive cross-sectoral process in which the city’s environmental, social and economic challenges are regularly identified, evaluated, planned and addressed through targeted and coordinated interventions

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