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We regularly inform you about our activities, successful projects and new technologies.


In order for cities to prosper, to live well in them and to develop human potential in every way, they must be fundamentally changed. It needs to be more sustainable, resilient, interconnected and make better use of digital technologies. The concept of green, smart, resilient and inclusive cities offers best practices and solutions that will ensure a better life not only for future but also for present generations.

Key areas

Green Cities

Green Cities are designed to build a better and more sustainable future for their residents by meaningful, tangible and sustainable actions.

Smart Cities

Cities integrating information and communication technology and individual devices connected to the IoT network to optimize operations, services and connections to users and attain synergies among otherwise discrete parts of infrastructures as a system of systems.

Resilient Cities

Cities with flexibility and the ability to respond successfully to disruptive events and chronic stress generated by climate change, pandemics, natural hazards, cyber attacks etc.

Inclusive Cities

Cities providing equal opportunities, including environmental justice, for all citizens, regardless of socioeconomic status, gender, age and origin, without leaving anyone behind.

Urban Development

Cities are poles of social and economic activities, interactions and innovations. They grow ever more and are responsible for a high level of energy consumption and about 70% of global GHG emissions whilst being particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.


Udržitelné městské projekty lze financovat různými způsoby. Od grantového financování ze zdrojů EU po nástroje zahrnující soukromé financování jako je PPP či EPC.

Public Procurement

All urban projects may only be implemented in compliance with the Public Procurement Act (the “PPA”). Good-quality urban development requires having no fear of new methods.

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