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We regularly inform you about our activities, successful projects and new technologies.

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We regularly inform you about our activities, successful projects and new technologies.

We are partners and we have common goals
to share information in one place and be inspired by the achievements of others

Czech Infrastructure Association (ARI) and the Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic (SMOCR) promote modern solutions aimed at people for sustainable Czech cities and the possibilities of their financing from European, national and private sources in the years 2021–2027.



Together, we are ready to improve and care for the quality of life in our cities and towns, where people can move comfortably, quickly and without restrictions, where energy is used efficiently, monitors air quality, where a smart system reduces drinking water distribution costs and wastewater treatment and where there is a harmonious relationship between satisfied inhabitants and nature.

Long-term goals

  1. Share up-to-date information easily at one place.
  2. Inspire with successful and meaningful projects.
  3. Promote new technologies and ideas.

Targets for 2021

  • Launch a nationwide debate on the challenges, risks, opportunities, perspectives and solutions for the sustainable development of Czech cities.
  • Increase the number of cities and municipalities that publicly subscribe to the long-term commitment to work for sustainable development for their inhabitants.
  • To offer contracting authorities practical solutions within procurement processes and to develop good practice through specific, appropriate and functional tools, practical models and instructions.
Our values

Our values

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Radka Vladyková

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Alexandra Kocková

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Area guarantors

We cooperate with the EIB and the British Embassy in Prague

We cooperate with European Investment Bank (EIB)

The European Investment Bank is a credit component of the European Union. It is the largest multilateral financial institution in the world and one of the largest providers of climate finance.


We cooperate with British Embassy in Prague

The British Embassy in Prague is responsible for developing and maintaining relations between the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic. We strive to develop our common interests in NATO and the UN, promote trade and investment, and improve defense through the British Army Advisory and Training Team (BMATT CZ).

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