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We regularly inform you about our activities, successful projects and new technologies.


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The mission of APES is to contribute to the continuous development of energy services on the Czech market. Their priorities include representing and defending the legitimate interests of energy service providers on the Czech market and in other countries, actively contributing to the long-term development of energy services in the Czech Republic, determining and tuning the standards of energy services in the Czech Republic and promoting energy services in the public and private sector.

They support:
  • increasing energy efficiency in consumption in existing and newly constructed commercial and public buildings, including the use of renewable energy sources;
  • setting up subsidy programmes to effectively combine public resources (EU funds, national resources, or other sources of subsidies) with private financial resources and business models (EPC, Performance Design&Build) with the aim of the best possible allocation of these resources with an emphasis on the demonstrability of the results achieved;
  • pressure for cost-effectiveness, demonstrability of results and guarantee of energy savings;
  • competing projects, especially in the public sector, on life cycle costs. Together with other partners in the green building sector, we aim to ensure the long-term cost-effectiveness and sustainability of complex renovations and new buildings;
  • innovation: new technologies, business models and innovative financing are essential for the further development of energy services;
  • stability and transparency in the conditions for business in the energy services sector, which is fundamentally influenced by long-term energy policy, priority setting, legislation, regulatory framework (prices, tariffs, taxes, etc.)

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