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We are the sales and consulting arm of RIB Software AG, which conceives, develops and delivers iTWO – new methodologies, new workflows and new technologies – globally, for a wide variety of construction project disciplines. iTWO is the world’s first enterprise licensing / cloud-based Big Data BIM 5D solution for the construction industry, e.g. for developers, construction companies, industrial companies, public contracting authorities and investors.

Since its founding in 1961, RIB Software AG has been an innovator in the construction industry, developing new technologies and new workflows aimed at increasing the productivity of the construction industry and thus contributing to its transformation into the most advanced industry of the 21st century.

Headquartered in Stuttgart (Germany), RIB Software AG has been listed on the Prime Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2011. Worldwide, RIB’s 700 employees in more than 30 locations provide products and services to its approximately 100,000 customers.

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