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SUDOP GROUP is the most important group of companies in the field of project and engineering activities in the Czech Republic with its main activities in the field of transport infrastructure and civil engineering. Using its own IT and consulting competencies, it is digitalizing the construction sector and moving it towards the vision of Construction 4.0. The group includes major companies with a long tradition, such as SUDOP PRAHA, METROPROJEKT, MCO, PUDIS, AED, REMING or DOPRAVOPROJEKT in Brno or Bratislava. Activities are focused not only on the domestic market, but also on other European countries. The SUDOP Group has over 2,000 employees and a turnover of CZK 5 billion.
The SUDOP Group is represented in ARI by Pavel Havlicek, CEO.
“ARI demonstrates the ability to objectively moderate a substantive discussion of market problems. It unites interests in the industry and offers constructive solutions. The Czech construction industry is undergoing a major transformation. It is not only about the use of new tools and digital means, but above all about a change in thinking and most of the processes in the whole society,” says Pavel Havlicek.

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