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We regularly inform you about our activities, successful projects and new technologies.

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Since 2003, Veřejné zakázky magazine has been a traditional professional periodical that brings important information, news, interviews, opinion forums and expert texts on a wide range of public investment issues. It focuses on legislation and application practice, both from the perspective of bidders and contracting authorities.  The editorial focuses on sharing good and bad practice in the form of case studies based on the legal summary of the ASPI Public Procurement Authority’s Expert Decision Database and the subsequent commentary of the contracting authority on whose procurement practice the case study is based. 

In addition to the magazine’s own publication, we also provide subscribers with working tables on various professional topics, such as meetings with buyers, pre-business consultations, quality assessments and many others, in which the Office for the Protection of Competition (OPC) or the Regional Court in Brno is involved. Once a year, we also organise a professional conference with the participation of experts from the Regional Court in Brno, the Ministry for Regional Development, leading contracting authorities and the Public Investment Office (ÚVIS). We have long been cooperating with all these entities on many professional topics and benefit from our editorial independence and high expertise.

The aim of Veřejné zakázky magazine is to be an information leader and an assistant to all stakeholders leading to the improvement, improvement and professionalisation of public procurement in the Czech Republic.

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