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We regularly inform you about our activities, successful projects and new technologies.

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Metrostav, the leading member of the Metrostav Group, is the largest construction company in the Czech Republic. It has almost three thousand employees. It also controls Subterra a.s., Metrostav Slovakia a.s., Metrostav stavebniny, s.r.o., SQZ, s.r.o., Pragis a.s., CCE Praha, spol. s r.o., Metrostav Development a.s., and Metrostav Facility s.r.o. It also holds shares in a number of other companies such as TBG Metrostav s.r.o., Pražské betonpumpy a doprava s.r.o., Metrostav – Háfell ehf, DSH – Dopravní stavby, a.s., BES s.r.o., PK Doprastav, a.s., Doprastav Asfalt a.s., Metrostav Deutschland GmbH, BeMo Tunnelling GmbH, MVE Štětí a.s.,and Metrostav Nemovitostní, uzavený investiční fond, a.s.

The company, as the name suggests, was founded in 1971 as a specialized enterprise for the construction of underground railways in Prague. The first significant result of Metrostav’s work was the construction of the first part of the C line between the stations Sokolovská (Florenc) – Kačerov, where the operation started already in 1974. To this day, the company has been the construction contractor for other metro routes and their continuation, including the unique extension of the C line with the unique technology of extending tunnels under the Vltava River. It is the expertise gained on the construction of the other sections of the three routes operated so far – including the use of TBM embossing shields – that has become the basis for the current expansion of specialist embossing teams abroad.

Metrostav helps customers to implement their plans with the utmost respect for the environment. They value the contribution of every employee to the overall success. The results of its work are also known to the inhabitants of many cities in Slovakia, Iceland, Germany, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Croatia, Finland, Norway and many other countries.

Over the years, Metrostav has transformed into a universal construction company, whose domain is mainly transport construction (motorways, roads, bridges), industrial, civil (shopping centres, office buildings) and residential construction, subway and other underground structures (tunnels, shafts, adits, boreholes), engineering structures (water supply, sewerage, gas pipelines), earthworks, reclamation, rehabilitation, water management projects (weirs, reservoirs, sewage treatment plants), development and reconstruction of monuments.

On construction sites, Metrostav uses the capacities of its supporting technologies, which include technologies for the implementation of underground structures (TBM, NRTM and Drill & Blast), earthwork technologies, reinforced concrete structures, steel structures and bridge construction technologies. In order to maintain their competitiveness, the company invests considerable funds in the acquisition of state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. In addition to the already mentioned TBM stamping shields, this included a sawing centre in Horní Počernice and machine technology for earthworks. Other funds were allocated by the company for research and development in the field of these technologies, e.g. to increase the resistance of load-bearing reinforced concrete structures against aggressive influences, fire resistance and waterproofing, etc.

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