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We regularly inform you about our activities, successful projects and new technologies.

Faculty of Business and Economics, Mendel University in Brno

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The Faculty of Economics and Business (FBE), founded in 1959, is the oldest faculty of economics in Moravia and belongs to the basic pillars of our economic higher education. It has accredited all types of study programmes: bachelor, master and doctoral. On the basis of their latest accreditation, the faculty was included in the “A” group of the best faculties out of a total of 21 economic faculties operating in the Czech Republic.

The faculty has a long tradition of emphasizing foreign language skills. Since the 1998/99 academic year, students with language skills have been given the opportunity to study the specialisation “European Studies in Business and Economics” in the follow-up Master’s programme, where a significant part of the teaching is in English and is also provided by foreign teachers. Students can do foreign internships or take some courses in their regular studies at universities in France, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, etc., with which the faculty maintains extensive contacts. Within the field of Public Administration, attention is paid to subjects such as Public Procurement and Public-Private Partnerships and Economic Land Use, which correspond to the field of public investment and the development of public infrastructure.

The faculty also devotes constant attention and considerable resources to the technical provision of the teaching process. The equipping of classrooms with modern didactic and computer technology is also achieved thanks to faculty activities (both in the field of teaching and scientific research) at home and abroad.

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