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Sustainable urban stormwater management using blue-green solutions

This time we will discuss sustainable approaches to managing excess rain and snow water. Traditional ways of managing stormwater involve diverting it through infrastructure such as sewers. However, more sustainable approaches using a variety of blue-green infrastructure measures are increasingly seen as necessary. An integrated stormwater system could consist of natural measures such as green roofs, green gardens combined with other man-made measures such as underground infiltration and/or detention and retention basins etc. We will provide a general overview of possible sustainable approaches including practical examples of implementation from Sweden.

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Vladimír Havlík

Vladimír Havlík

Chief Engineer, Sweco Hydroproject

Milan Suchánek

Milan Suchánek

Business Area Manager, DHI

Fredrik Ohls

Fredrik Ohls

Urban planner of Blue-Green Solutions, Sweco Sweden

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